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If you wanted to know what some of our clients from recent years think of us...

Eran Katz

Memory Expert, Writrer

Omri Elad

Flexity CEO

Ofir Segev Priman

Healath Clinic CEO

Eyal Geffen

Director, Business Mentor

Nir Krauze

NLP Master and teacher

Oz Goren

Sonol Feul company


Flexity CEO

Working with Shai was comfortable and enjoyable! Shai showed great professionalism and flexibility throughout the project. I thank Shai for the work as well as for the excellent result! Highly recommend working with Shai.

Sales Instructur

Shai was a perfect choice! Professionalism and quality at the highest levels!

Yael Greenberg

Business Consultent

Studio Silbman and Shaו were just great.

I got quality, fast and professional work. Shai immediately understood my needs and goals and helped me pinpoint them. Beyond that he has an amazing design ability, a vision that combines design and high business thinking. Highly recommend!!!

Couples Therapist

Anyone who wants quality workmanship that meets true professional service times will take Shai from Studio Silberman.  I received an amazing service from him, the work was super professional, the attitude was special, Shai is an expert who pays attention to the small details and knows how to maximize the work - just a pleasure - waiting to work with him later, an amazing person!

Shai HaRamati

Sharon Kashi

Omri Elad

Noam Rotem

Syracuse CEO

Shay was quick to respond to my initial email. Price was very reasonable for the requested video.  The work was completed quickly. The result was better than expected.  Will definitely work with Shay again.

Tsipi Burack

Israeli Medical Association

Very professional, punctual and most importantly human. He cares about the project, raises issues that may arise, he is available for any request. recommended

Ofir Segev Priman

Healath Clinic CEO

Shai is a true uncompromising professional. The quality of the work is excellent. I trust him with my eyes closed. We did a lot of projects with him. He comes with a thorough approach and even gives advice and opinions that immensely improve the results and effect of the project highly recommend !

Oz Goren

Sonol Feul company

Shai is a professional ! produced a video for me for a large company, filmed some of the video himself and also used existing materials, knew how to convey exactly the messages I asked for, edited with creativity, narration, captions, fun to work with, quick response and uncompromising. It is highly recommended!

Dafna Ron


Shai immediately understood the concept I requested for the video presentation and immediately explained to me the constraints and what is expected of me as a client so that he as a creator can meet the busy schedule available to him. Which despite its length the viewers sat captivated, including professionals from the industry who do not usually watch presentations during events. Responded in a good spirit, and he went above and beyond to respond and provide an excellent product and a good service experience. Creative and professional, highly recommend.

Dr. Sharon Lipshatz


I recommends Shai for producing a digital course. Shai accompanied me throughout the process, was attentive to my desires and offered insights and knowledge from his experience and professionalism. Throughout the work he was patient, flexible to my every request and need and if he thought I was professionally wrong he explained patiently. In editing he showed initiative and managed to fine-tune my needs, in a way that resulted in an interesting, fluid and inviting finished product.

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